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Finally its official!
Its time to represent the world’s first mega car Koenigsegg One:1, destined for the Geneva Motor Show 2014. Koenigsegg revealed all the parameters of the One:1 this morning . What Koenigsegg is doing now ? Sure that is taking her platform to a new level with the One:1.Very exciting about this.The very unique design incorporates this new aerodynamic updates and these include the use of track optimized aero winglets on the front bumper, extended venturi tunnels and side splitters, a Le-Mans inspired active wing configuration at the rear and an optimized active under trim air management.


Large air vents for improve cooling to the engine and a roof air scoop helps to keep the car glued to the ground.The Koenigsegg One:1 with all its new parts features a drag coefficient of 0.45-0.50 depending on the adaptable rear wings. The total downforce produced at 260 km/h is equal to 610 kg whilst at 440 km/h, the One:1 develops 830 kg of pressure.

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The One:1 pulls 2G in the corners on road legal tyres.So, to the engine. Koenigsegg retains its own design Koenigsegg aluminium 5.0 litre V8 unit with, 4 valves per cylinder, double overhead camshafts and variable geometry twin turbochargers. The boost is also increased up to 1.8 bar boost pressure from 1.4 bar boost pressure in the Agera R. Power figures are truly impressive. Koenigsegg quotes 1 Megawatt of power and an 8,250 rpm rev limit. Torque is rated at 1371 Nm from 6000 rpm. this equates to a horsepower figure of 1,341 hp. Even with the upgrades, the engine weighs the same in the One:1. Koenigsegg fit a carbon fibre intake manifold with optimized intake tracts (identical to the Agera R) and the same tig-welded ceramic coated Inconel exhaust system manifold with merge collector except with new lightweight exhaust tips .The transmission is a 7 speed dual clutch gearbox with an electronic differential included.
Koenigsegg have chosen not to release a 0-100 km/h time (quite frankly it would be low enough to almost render it irrelevant!). Instead, they quote a 0 – 400 km/h (around 250 mph) time of approximately 20 seconds and 400 – 0 km/h in approximately 10 seconds. The car is also said to achieve a braking distance of just 28 metres from 100-0 km/h. So, a big part of the Koenigsegg One:1 package is the braking system. Both front and rear brakes are carried over from the Agera R, with power assisted ventilated ceramic discs measuring 397 mm in diameter, 40 mm in width and with 6 ceramic piston callipers at the front. At the rear, the One:1 gets ventilated ceramic discs measuring 380 mm in diameter, 34 mm in width and with 4-piston callipers. The traction control comes with 5 different handling modes.
The Koenigsegg One:1 gets upgrade rear triplex suspension with carbon bevel springs and active shock absorbers. The suspension package includes active ride height and shock absorbing and variable stiffness spring ratios. The carbon chassis and bodywork is 20% lighter due to the use of of M46J & M55J high modulus fibres.

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To put the power down, custom made Michelin Cup Tires are fitted each corner with a speed rating of 440 km/h. The measure 19 inches and 265/35 at the front and 20 inches and 345/30 at the rear. These measures combine with revolutionary Koenigsegg Aircore carbon fiber wheels, a different design to those Koenigsegg previously released. Of course the price is not yet declared( and sure that takes part in the range of millions) but according to price Koenigsegg will different options.These include one piece racing bucket seats, active shock absorber settings, a full clear carbon body, custom body striping, upgraded audio system, painted calipers, personalized logo on rear hood, anodized black aluminium interior, custom leather One:1 custom luggage set, custom diamond encrusted key, titanium exhaust outlet, active noise cancellation, 3G telematics system and the variable turbo geometry and anything else that you’ve have dreamed of!

Only six of these cars will leave the factory & only two will be present in Europe! All sold! If you’re exciting,happy or sad this is how Koenigsegg One:1 looks like.According to the parameters this is the perfection and definitely the maximum definition of speed!

For every question or comment about this car write down below.Also enjoy the gallery and stay tuned for the biggest event ‘’Geneva Motor Show 2014’’ next week!

Photos courtesy of Travis Okulski from & photographer JF Williams

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