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Insanely news from the AMS modified Nissan GT-R now hold the record for the world’s fastest GT-R with a new recorded top speed of 214 mph just on a half mile run.
The latest salvo has been fired by Extreme Turbo Systems, which ran a modified GT-R through the quarter mile in 7.81 seconds at 183 mph
Extreme Turbo Systems took the title from AMS Performance & its Alpha Omega GT-R
Thanks to 1700 mad horses on the wheels ,the car was able to cover 1,320 feet in 7.894 seconds
This record was slightly higher than the Extreme Turbo Car’s with a speed of 186mph.
The question is : Will the Extreme Turbo Systems GT-R take that record ?
Or a new and quicker GT-R is on the way form AMS?
Make sure to watch the video and feel free to share with us your opinion

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