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Does the mere desire to own a ridiculously high-performance and stupendously expensive supercar automatically make its prospective owner a little selfish? Not necessarily, but if said supercar has just one seat, a case could certainly be made that its megalomaniacal owner simply doesn’t want to share the experience with his friends…

For such an owner, Lamborghini has presented the Egoista Concept – perhaps fittingly, the car was unveiled at a private 50th birthday party that the automaker seems to have thrown for itself. From what we can glean without any official announcement from Lamborghini to go by, the Egoista Concept has room for a single occupant, is powered by a 5.2-liter V10 engine and boasts styling said to be inspired by an Apache helicopter.

lamborghini-egoista-concept-3 Lamborghini-Egoista-Concept-2 lambo ecosta 1

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