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Out of the bunch of tuning companies out there, Vorsteiner is definitely one of the most appreciated. Not just because they do quality work, but also because their kits are tasteful, elegant and a perfect blend of class and sportiveness.

Up until now we’ve seen hundreds of choices for BMW’s latest 3 Series model, the F30. However, out of the bunch only few stand out as real, quality parts, BMW’s own M Performance package included.

This week, Vorsteiner decided to give us a preview of what they have in store for the new 3er. The first photos of their take on the F30 are looking tasteful (as usual) with a certain ying-yang balance to them.

The front receives a new lip on the bumper, the rear a new air diffuser and the boot lid a carbon fibre spoiler. Also, the white Bimmer is showcasing some Vorsteiner 20″ wheels but those are not new.

Since they take their time when creating a new body part, expect the new parts for the F30 3er to be launched later this summer. Can’t wait!


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