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What is that we hear; you didn’t find the looks of Hamann Motorsport’s new BMW M5 F10 “Mi5Sion”model extreme enough? No problem says Hamann, which displayed this limited edition of the Bavarian carmaker’s performance saloon at the Auto Trader Live luxury car show in Dubai.

Hamann went all crazy on the individualization of the M5 changing, or in its own opinion, enhancing the look of most body panels, from the vented hood and bespoke double kidney grille, to the rear diffuser and the double spoilers at the back.

And that’s not all, as the German tuning house also applied its design philosophy to the M5’s interior that mixes leather and Alcantara in three different colors – black, light blue and red.

Hamann says the specially-modded BMW M5 is one out of 10 examples and is priced at $235,000.

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