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'72 Gran Torino formal roof triple blue TTIIs '72 Torino blue driving restomod

Hey everybody! Long time, no see. I should really change this to “Car of the Month”…

Today we look at the awesomeness that was the Ford Torino. The Torino was introduced in ’68 as a higher trim line of the Fairlane, and had much of the same basic infrastructure as older Fairlanes (unit body construction, RWD, V8 and I6 options, and a fast, fun, but classy look. In 1970, a redesign came not only for the car but also the name. The Torino was the main car while the Fairlane was the subset base trim until it was completely dropped in ’71. In ’72, champagne fell from the sky, the angels sang, God smiled down from Heaven, and Ford engineers decided to make the Torino a good old body on frame design and threw in a 429 and a top-loader 4-speed with a four-link rear suspension and front and rear sway bars. The ride was smoother than Ron Burgundy’s pick-up lines, and the car’s looks would stop a blind man in his tracks. If there was a better car on the market in ’72, Ford didn’t make it, and I don’t care.

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