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Buying an SRT Viper definitely makes sense, for any number of reasons. The fact of the matter is that latest one is the brand’s highest technical achievement, using the latest of technologies to make it a viable alternative to the mainstream performance brands.
It looks good, it’s reportedly more comfortable than before (though all of the video reviewers got bounced around during their shoots, so we have our reserves about that) and the V10 engine pushes out 640hp, which is impressive and makes for blistering performance.

However, with their first ever TV ad (which marks the start of a marketing campaign) SRT is trying to push the Viper as a car with soul, a living and breathing entity in its own right. They aim for an emotional response from viewers, and with the decent writing it benefits from, they almost get it right. Still, it follows the mold of every other similar car ad out there, so while it may have high production values, a great narrating voice and a positive message, it makes for an enjoyable 30 seconds.

Also, I think the fact that they have chosen to advertise it like this shows that they want the Viper to be more of a blue collar supercar, aimed at a very different set of buyers to those pondering on either getting a Ferrari or a Lambo.

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