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In May 1963 the late Ferruccio Lamborghini founded a company that would change the automotive landscape forever, Automobili Lamborghini SpA was created with one goal in mind: creating the best GT car the world had ever seen … and the first production model being the stunning 350 GT was already very close to that concept.

The next 50 years Lamborghini evolved from building the finest V12 GT cars like the 400GT, the Islero, Jarama and four seater Espada … over classic Urraco V8 entry level models that turned into the beautiful Silhouette and the modernized Jalpa for the Eighties that would be succeeded by the most successful Lamborghini ever, the V10 Gallardo, in 2003.

The luxurious and comfortable V12 GT from the Sixties and Seventies became slightly overshadowed when the magnificent Miura was introduced as the beginning of the Raging Bull evolution into high speed super exotic cars that would continue with the angular Countach that introduced the by now Lamborghini trademark upward opening doors that would be used on all V12 flagship from that moment on.

After almost a decade of Countach reign the Diablo was introduced, a car that marked the Chrysler era for Lamborghini, the Diablo would be built in various editions including a Roadster right into the 21st century when the Murciélago took over after Audi AG bought the factory … about 4,000 units of the ‘Bat’ would leave the factory doors in Sant’Agata before the most powerful Raging Bull ever emerged … the 700 hp Aventador which brings us to 2013 … 50 years after the first Lamborghini was built.

May 7. 2013 will mark the first day of a five day event that will bring together hundreds of Lamborghini cars and even more people for the Grande Giro, the official 50° Anniversary celebration that starts in Milan where the registered owners will drive their cars from all over the world onto the parc fermé in Piazza Castello, Milano to get them onto the list for the rest of the Grand Tour … after which they can take the shuttle service to their hotel or to the evening dinner that could be booked.

May 8. 2013 will be the official start of the Grande Giro when the convoy of 350 Lamborghinis will leave the Milan square and take a 248 km (154 Miles) scenic route to Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany featuring some of the most breathtaking views of Italian countryside … lunch by the way will be served in Bobbio, well known as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. When the Lamborghinis roll into Forte dei Marmi near the sea in the evening dinner will be served at the legendary ‘club La Capannina di Franceschi’.

May 9. 2013 The Grande Giro continues with a 390 km (242 miles) trip that will lead to Rome, taking the drivers through beautiful landscapes in Tuscany that produce the Tuscan Maremma, one of the most important wines from the Grosseto region, the Tyrrhenian coast including Elba, Giglio and Capraia (the islands on the Tuscan archipelago) to pass Etruria, in upper Lazio to arrive on the famous square in Rome in the evening … with transport to the hotel and subsequent dinner being arranged.

May 10. 2013 Friday will allow tourists and visitors to admire the convoy of 350 Lamborghinis parading through the old city streets of Rome before the cars will start their last stint of the Grande Giro to Bologna, 388 km (241 miles) away through Umbria and Tuscany with lunch being served in a private residence in San Giustino Valdarno, Arezzo.

After that the route takes them over the Strada dei Sette Ponti (road of the seven bridges) and part of the Futa-Raticosa, a mountain pass in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines that used to be a section of the famous Mille Miglia.

When they arrive in Bologna, Emilia Romagna, all the cars will be parked on the Piazza Maggiore, Bologna’s main square where they will remain during the night, under supervision naturally.

May 11. 2013 The final day.
After enjoying the shops and restaurants in Bologna the owners will take their car and form a line of 4500 meters (4.5 km or 2.5 miles) to the city centre of Sant’Agata, birthplace of the late Ferruccio Lamborghini before heading to the famous Automobili Lamborghini SpA headquarters on the Via Modena where the celebrations continue with a visit to both the official factory museum and the production line.

An exclusive Gala Dinner will be the conclusion of the Lamborghini Grande Giro on the evening of May 11 with several entertaining activities on the factory grounds … expect a serious fireworks display to brighten up the sky and take the Bulls and their owners into the night.

Sunday May 12. 2013 will allow ample time to prepare both the cars and the owners for the trip back home, after 1,200 km in the previous five days over the most beautiful roads in Italy in the best companionship the Lamborghinis will return to their home … a once in a lifetime experience added to their vast portfolio.

Over these five days we will see 350 Lamborghinis including just about every model ever to leave the factory doors since 1963 being driven from highlight to highlight by their owners, 35% of which are female by the way, ‘pilots’ aged from 22 years right up to 75 years will form a 4.5 km (2.5 miles) continuous traffic jam trying to control nearly 200,000 Raging Bulls (or should that be horsepower …) … the Grande Giro will be the largest gathering of Lamborghini cars in history.


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