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The Ford GT built for speed by American tuner Hennessey just broke it’s own record from last year at the biannual Standing Texas Mile event.

Last year in October, Mark Heidraker’s machine pulled off a 257.7 mph (414.7 km/h) speed record, thanks to it’s twin-turbo 5.7-liter V8.

The tuner is squeezing as much power as they can from the camouflaged Ford GT. Last year, they ditched the tuned supercharger and fitted two turbos instead. This year, Hennessey optimized the engine to run on racing gasoline and managed to burry their last year speed record.

Hennessey’s Ford GT managed to reach a thrilling top speed of 267.6 mph/ (430.7 km/h) on one mile this year, proving again that when it comes to speed, America knows it’s way around in this matter.

[Via The Texas Mile]

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