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The Mercedes E-Class is a luxury car normally reserved for suit-wearing, business types who know how to ride around in style. The car itself already sports a sleek and stylish design that underscores the class of its Mercedes badge.

But, and there’s always a but, the Mercedes E-Class isn’t exempt from aftermarket programs, especially if said aftermarket company can build a complementary kit that improves the luxury car’s looks while keeping its design spirit intact.

First, GSC installed a ventilated carbon hood. Then it replaced the standard fenders with ones that have gills on them. There’s also a new and deeper front bumper with LED daytime running lights, a front spoiler and angular side skirts. At the back, the rear is distinctly different; something GSC did by putting in a carbon-fiber trunk-lid spoiler, a new rear bumper with air outlets and a pretty large diffuser. Plus, there’s a new exhaust system with quad tailpipes, giving the overall look of a luxury car that means serious business.


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