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Pictures and details about well-known tuning company Vorsteiner’s upcoming Lamborghini Aventadorproject have just been published thanks to Wheels Boutique.

In typical Vorsteiner style, their bodykit for the Lamborghini Aventador, dubbed the Aventador-V, is set to feature a selection of outlandish body panels and brand new aftermarket wheels.

First and foremost, the Lamborghini Aventador by Vorsteiner will feature a complete Aventador-V carbon fiber exterior aerodynamic package inevitably consisting of new front and rear bumpers, a rear spoiler and new side skirts and sills.

Furthermore, the Aventador-V kit will include a unique interior package, forged 1-piece monoblock wheels and an F1 evolution exhaust system.

2-5_zps245e8267 3-4_zps1269b00d 4-3_zps39dda317 5-3_zps15e9faaf 6-3_zpsaabccdb7Additional details about the project will be released in May or June this year so stay tuned!

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