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erry and Felicia Mulick of Illinois have the best of both worlds with their Marina Blue 1967 Corvette convertible.

They’ve got the classic looks of what some consider one of the most beautiful cars ever made, but raise the hood and you’ll see that they’ve got the modern convenience of a powerful C6 LS2 V8 engine that cruises down the interstate sipping a gallon about every 30 miles.

“With most modified cars, the changes are so drastic, it can’t be brought back to original condition. It’s not practical or cost effective,” Jerry said, noting that the LS2 engine was a perfect fit without having to cut any panels. “We wanted our Corvette to change but still look like it did when it came from the factory. The engine and trans are safely stored at home so any time we want, we can change it back.”

Other options on the car are power steering, windows, and brakes, headrests, and telescoping steering wheel, along with side exhausts that deliver a beautiful sound to the Mulicks’ ears and those lucky enough to be nearby.

“The driving experience is out of this world,” Jerry says.


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