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The amazing new Mclaren P1™, which debuts in production form at the Geneva Motor Show, has a clear goal – Being the best driver’s car in the world. McLaren is using all of its 50 years of racing experience and success, to achieve this. As a result of this is a car that has an unprecedented amount of downforce for a road vehicle : similar levels to a GT3 racing car and with greater ground effect. This downforce not only boosts cornering and braking performance, but it also helps stability, balance and driveability at all speeds.
McLaren is a global pioneer in carbon fibre technology. It introduced the first carbon Formula 1 car (the MP4/1 in 1981), the world’s first all-carbon bodied road car (the F1, of 1993), and today it makes more carbon road cars than any other manufacturer. Unsurprisingly, as the flagship for McLaren Automotive, the McLaren P1™ has a carbon fibre monocoque, carbon fibre body panels and a carbon fibre interior. It is the perfect material for strength, light weight, rigidity and durability. check out this amazing video from MotorTrend and Carlos Lego

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