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The well-known for the modern interpretation of vintage vehicle GullwingAmerica American company has a new project. On behalf of an Eastern European customer base is currently being built on the Mercedes SLS Roadster , the piece GWA 300 SLC.

The shape of the hand-drawn aluminum bodys orients itself on only 98 built from 1955 Mercedes 300 SC (W188). A powerful front grille cited the original, framed by two teardrop-shaped LED headlights. Towering above the Mercedes star in the style of the illuminated GWA brand logo. The long hood goes into the untouched unspoilt SLS cockpit, while the stern again similar to the historical model. Below the number plate is emblazoned on the 300 SC as the word “injection engine”, even if the replica of course the 6.2-liter V8 in the SLS AMG instead of the former 175-hp six-cylinder engine is serving. Further modifications have a height-adjustable suspension, a revised exhaust system and the removable hardtop that transforms the coupe a roadster. The SLC stands in front on 21, even 22-inch rear wheels.

When the individual piece is passed to its owner is not known, nor its price. Whether we ever get to see it on the road remains questionable.

gwa-300-slc-2013-4 gwa-300-slc-2013-8 gwa-300-slc-2013-12 gwa-300-slc-2013-2 gwa-300-slc-2013-6 gwa-300-slc-2013-1 gwa-300-slc-2013-11 gwa-300-slc-2013-7 gwa-300-slc-2013-9 gwa-300-slc-2013-10 gwa-300-slc-2013-13 gwa-300-slc-2013-5 gwa-300-slc-2013-16 gwa-300-slc-2013-3 gwa-300-slc-2013-15 gwa-300-slc-2013 gwa-300-slc-2013-14

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