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Running 33 psi of boost by some standards doesn’t give you the adrenaline that you’re looking’ for, but running 33 psi of boost in flames that’s a big difference.That Nissan GT-R was built with the aim of Switzer, that sure has a very high taste.a taste of 1,212 HP.Our favourite taste! But isn’t over yet, were going at the wheels to show what you can find there. And guess what? 1,087 HP at the wheels! That’s almost exactly double horsepower of a stock 2015 of Nissan GTR. A fully built engine, for one, plus a built transmission with Pfitzner Performance Gearbox gears, an upgraded Dodson clutch (and some Dodson transmission bits) an HKS transmission cooler and pan and more. Also GT-R is the Switzer Performance E1K package, AP Racing brakes, and a Syvecs ECU mapped by Ryan Griffith from Syvecs.All we want in one car! Its an unprecedented build that has not paid much attention on the looks but its focus on its own style , on GO-FAST STYLE !

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