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Nissan has finally revealed a new Super Sports Car for the most popular Racing Video game,Gran Tourismo.This car is destined to join the list of 148 different Nissans of previous GT Video Game through the years.The New Concept Car is inspired by the creator of the game Kazunori Yamauchi.Many other design studios all over the world are preparing their army to “attack” with a concept car using the theme “Vision Gran Turismo”.

There is no additional information about the new car announced by Nissan.This image was posted in Twitter by automaker’s profile.All we know is that this car will be in the game as soon as possible.Some of the rival concepts have already been shown their cars for GT,such as Mercedes-Benz,Volkswagen and Toyota.Nissan probably is trying to show us how will look like the next gen of GT-R, the concept looks very much like a GT-R,right?So it could be a preview of the R36.

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