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Not too long ago pushed the 2012 model of the Mercedes ML limelight. Especially the’63 AMG variant was there for us, of course, of interest. Who still does not the presence of the mighty V8 SUV enough, you can order now from one tuner Lorinser Breitbaukit for internally referred W166 wagon.

Could the Mercedes ML worst insinuate even to 50% of the clientele dentist wife, probably 99% of the customers of this monster probably sit in the Middle East or Russia.Finally, the ML coincides with the WIDE BODY KIT Lorinser on the one hand, like a sore thumb, and secondly, it is now once again for the 60 millimeter wider Allradler now even on the left lane of the highway construction site very closely. In addition to the wheel arches verbeiterten still include new sill and skirts (with rear diffuser) to the package. Optionally, you can still massive 22-inch-Alus and lowering springs (or a lowering module) be ordered (- 40 mm). At prices not yet expresses himself tuner.

lorinser-ml-2012 lorinser-ml-2012-2 lorinser-ml-2012-5 lorinser-ml-2012-3

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