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Wanna know some of the latest high-tech updated on the latest hypercars ?

Meanwhile the title spies everything we’re sure you wanna know more about this megacar Koenigsegg One:1 that already comes with a full package .Nowdays cars need high technology and connectivity alternatives as much as they need HORSEPOWER.We know Koenigsegg is the most powerful production car in the world also one of the fastest.When we said that Koenigsegg always comes with a full package we meant that isn’t about just the brute power that this car has, it also has an extremely astounding interior and exteritor equipped with all electronic goodies.But the question is , who are all those goodies that CEO and founder Christian von Koenigsegg has recently added? Well for sure you’ve never thought it will ever exist a shocking car like this One:1 ! A strong relationship of cooperation between Swedish firm Telenor Connexion just gave her result.Now Koenigsegg is offering cloud services, a web interface and an app for smartphones and tablets. The endless alternatives of services will enable owners to remotely track their car, its fuel level and battery status as well as access the latest software.Koenigsegg will be able to access the cars remotely, allowing it to optimize settings, install new software and monitor vehicle health all from its headquarters in Ängelholm, Sweden.Some specific services, which are destined to be offered with future Koenigsegg models in addition to the new One:1, enables owners to get direct access to statistics such as recent runs, average speed, top speed, lap time, g force etc. They can also adjust the height of the rear wing, the firmness of the suspension, adjust the temperature, and even open the doors and windows. Want the crème de la crème ? Well , here it is !

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