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koenigsegg-agera-s-hundra-2013-10 koenigsegg-agera-s-hundra-2013-1 koenigsegg-agera-s-hundra-2013 koenigsegg-agera-s-hundra-2013-7 koenigsegg-agera-s-hundra-2013-9

Whole hundred chariots of the small Swedish manufacturer Koenigsegg series has made in the last ten years. This anniversary celebration, the Swedes at the Geneva Motor Show 2013 with the Agera S Hundra we thanks you, the photographer Sam Moore today – one day before the official day of the show – to show live.

The RHD Agera S Hundra (Hundra: Swedish for 100), the Swiss auto show visitors the move with his completely made ​​of visible carbon fiber body with inserts made ​​of 24-karat gold in his spell.Also scores the one-off, on the Agera S based. presented in 2012 with the full carbon wheels with hollow spokes and the Agera-own five-liter V8 biturbo The Agera engine has an S Hundra the alleged 1044 hp and provides over 1000 Nm. This should also already sold the single piece that is shipped directly to the show to its new owner, come in under three seconds to 100 and create more than 400 km / h top speed.


Price at which the Koenigsegg Agera S Hundra changes hands and if the car will ever show up again on the road, or disappears in a collection is not known.

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