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Now its time to present a special battle : 93 Fox Body Ford Mustang vs. 95 Chevrolet Silverado. At first everyone thinks that the Mustang loses the race, but don’t judge so fast. This Chevrolet has a pair of 76mm Turbos, built up 5.3 liter motor, 4180E Transmission and reaches a 1000hp to the wheels. As you see the Silverado packs a hell of a punch. Regarding to the Mustang this seems unfair but it’s not the true. The Ford has swapped the motor for a 331 cubic inch power plant, an 88mm turbo boosting 16psi, c4 auto trans with a 3800 torque converter, 80 hp shot of nitrous and puts down 1067 hp and 1097 ft/lbs of torque. If you are curious to know who is the winner watch the video below and enjoy it…

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