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For sure McLaren P1 is that kind of car that leaves everybody speechless…extremely beautiful powerful and fast like the wind!We think that a driver or better call a master like Chris Harris goes hand to hand with this super car and what a ride it will be!He was invited to Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi and sure he couldn’t miss this,exploring this good ‘’toy’’ and showing some skills. To recap, the McLaren P1 is powered by a 737-hp V8 with 2 massive turbos, but the P1’s real intrigue trick is the 179-horse-power electric motor. That electric motor compensates for the lag in power delivery that normally comes with big turbos and gearshifts, and the net result is a seamlessly delivered 903 horse-power.I mean this is impressive.isnt it ? Well we recommend to watch the video and let Chris Harris explain more about McLaren P1.

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