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Land Rover has redesigned the Range Rover for 2014, and at the New York Auto Show the company debuted the Range Rover’s small counterpart, the Range Rover Sport.


The new Range Rover Sport lost 800 lbs compared to the last generation, thanks in part to a new aluminum chassis. For power, a 340-hp supercharged six-cylinder engine is now offered on base Range Rover Sport models, while the familiar 510-hp supercharged eight cylinder is still available on the top trim.

2014-Range-Rover-Sport-01 2014-Range-Rover-Sport-02 2014-Range-Rover-Sport-03 2014-Range-Rover-Sport-04 2014-Range-Rover-Sport-05 2014-Range-Rover-Sport-06 2014-Range-Rover-Sport-07 2014-Range-Rover-Sport-08 2014-Range-Rover-Sport-09 2014-Range-Rover-Sport-10 2014-Range-Rover-Sport-11 2014-Range-Rover-Sport-12

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